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Colour healing: What is your favourite colour telling you?

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

#Colour has the power to #heal and to heal quickly. If you have ever found yourself repeatedly drawn to certain colours – for your clothes or your home – then this is your subconscious telling you that you need the quality of that colour in your energy. Use the #Tama-Do colour guide below to discover why you are drawn to certain colours and what they mean for healing you.

Colour healing in Co Wicklow, Ireland
The beauty of nature's rainbow

Each #colour vibrates at a different frequency and it is the power of the vibration that so effectively acts on our energy body to balance, heal, strengthen and gift us qualities that may be missing. The penetration of colour is faster than sound and movement which makes it extremely effective as a healing tool.

"When we have opened again to the full spectrum of Light, through the rainbow, we will remember our true essence and know that we are one - and have always been one - with the Light" (Terres Unsoeld, Fabien Maman, Patricia Janusz)

The power of colour on the cell

in 1981, Fabien Maman conducted evolutionary sound/cellular experiments in Jussieu University, Paris, showing how the energy field of healthy cells changed shape and colour according to the impact of sound played to them. He discovered that when cells felt a 'vibratory affinity' with a certain note, the cells' aura would transform into a shape of vibrant colours such as magenta and turquoise. Which started a path of discovering the effect colours have on our chakras and on our soul.

Colour light wheel for healing
The Tama-Do colour light wheel

The 7 Rays

Rainbow colours act as doorways and corridors to consciousness, offering infinite wisdom and power. They are each an expression of the qualities of the source (or God, or the Divine, whichever term sits best with you) and each brings us a special gift. Each colour, though part of the whole, has its own unique spiritual qualities, messages and wisdom to help us to reveal our Soul Potentials and remember our Divine Essence.

Tama-Do colours and their meanings

If you are repeatedly drawn to a certain colour, it is likely that you need that colour because you are deficient in its energy. So also take note of the meaning of your favourite colour's complimentary colour (the opposite) to see what you need MORE of in your life.

Colour healing in Ireland with Tama-Do silk scarves
Tama-Do rainbow silk scarves - which are you drawn to?

(All information taken from Accessing the Way of the Soul through Colour by Terres Unsoeld, Fabien Maman and Patricia Janusz. Available to buy at

Red: The Spirit of Life

Grounding, the Fire of Life, physical body, the roots of ancestral lineage and the abundance of Mother Earth. Red spurs us on to take action and to look after our physical security. The Red Ray is the Ruby Ray of Love and Light, it embodies Christ consciousness, grounding our divine spark and anchoring us to the power of the Earth, giving us a strong will to live.If Red is balanced, we have a strong will to live, we feel a sense of being at home on Mother Earth.

Chakra: Root

Key Quality: Survival, Grounding in Mother Earth, I am

Element/5 elements: Earth/Fire

Masters: Mother Earth, Christ Consciousness

Ray: 1st Ray of Will and Power

Physical: Kidneys, urinary system, pelvis, lymphatic system and blood.

Complimentary colour: Green

Orange: The Spirit of Divine Joy

Orange gifts us pure energy, physical health and vitality. It is the seat of creation and the joy of being alive. It embodies the senses and gives thanks for being in a sensual body. it is linked to the 4th Ray of Harmony and Beauty through Conflict and empowers us to communicate with others, feel compassion, respect all life as Divine and strengthens our etheric field. Orange people are creative, idealistic and passionate, torn between extreme emotion and action. Orange is linked to the sacral chakra, water element and our abilities to crate and manifest with our hands. If orange is balanced, we are filled with the health, well being, energy and joy to create what we need and we are able to give and receive with ease.

Chakra: Sacral

Subtle Energy Field: Etheric

Key Quality: Creation, health and vitality, I Manifest

Element: Water

Ray: 4th Ray of Harmony and Beauty

Masters: Kwan Yin and Lao Tzu

Physical: Energy, manifestation and creation, reproductive systems and sexuality

Complimentary colour: Blue

Yellow: Spirit of Divine Intelligence

Yellow gifts us intelligence and curiosity to push beyond horizons. It is our inner radiance and personal power, our wonder and our happiness. It gives us clarity of vision, the freedom to imagine and see the bigger picture. We transform energy into light through understanding and reason.

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Subtle Energy Field: Astral (emotional)

Key Quality: Personal power and intelligence, I accept

Element/5 elements: Fire/Earth

Ray: 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence of Clarity and Understanding.

Masters: Kuthumi and El Morya

Physical: Digestive and assimilation organs - liver, gall bladder, stomach, spleen

Complimentary colour: Violet

Green: The Spirit of Evolution

Green gifs us abundance, hope and love. It is the awakening of spring, bringing new life, inner growth and renewal. It opens our hearts and minds so that we can be a channel of love and be in service to the Divine. It connects us to nature, to the fairies and elementals. Green people are adaptable, flexible, discerning and natural healers

Chakra: Heart

Subtle Energy Field: Mental

Key Quality: Channel of pure love, hope and new life, I love

Element/5 elements: Wood

Ray: 5th Ray of Concrete Science and Knowledge, the Ray of Esoteric Knowledge and Assistance

Master: Hilarion, Djwhal Khul, Archangel Raphael

Physical: Hearth, thymus, lungs, nervous system and pericardium

Complimentary colours: Red, Pink and Magenta

Blue: The Spirit of Truth

Blue gifts us peace, tranquility, truth and being true to the Divine Will. It guides us on a spiritual level to speak our truth and to clarify what is the priority. It links us to our spiritual lineage and our higher purpose. It brings humility and non-judgment, we are all one and we can hear and communicate with our guides. We express our essential self through voice and art. Blue people know their place and purpose in the Universe and are living their truth.

Chakra: Throat

Subtle Energy Field: Causal (memories through all lifetimes)

Key Quality: Truth and Divine Will, I Express

Element/5 elements: Air/Water

Ray: 2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom, the Master of Divine Will

Master: El Morya

Physical: Thyroid, respiratory system, oesophagus, neck, jaw and voice.

Complimentary colour: Orange

Indigo: The Spirit of Deep Peace

Indigo gifts us deep peace, serenity and an inner knowing that we are not alone. Indigo reminds us we are spiritually protected which gives us deep inner strength, knowing that our destiny has already been decided, that we know our place in the Universe and that we can sit in silence and hear our guides, accessing their wisdom. Indigo people have a well developed intuition and clairvoyance. They have a deep understanding of themselves and their place within the Universe.

Chakra: Third eye

Subtle Energy Field: Bhuddic (the story of our soul and our place in the Universe)

Key Quality: Inner vision and wisdom, I Discern

5 elements: Water

Ray: 7th Ray of Ritual and Ceremony, the Ray of Deep Peace and Spiritual Force

Master: Masters of Karma and Wisdom

Physical: Pituitary gland, lower brain, nervous system, nose, ears, sinus and left eye.

Complimentary colour: Gold

Violet: The Spirit of Divine Consciousness

Violet reveals to us the mysteries of the Universe, lifting the veil and grounding our Higher Self in reality. Violet opens our channels for meditation and psychic receptivity, connects us to our guides, teaching us self respect, detachment, spiritual strength and understanding. It promotes artistic endeavour and healing powers. Violet is connected to St Germain and the Violet Ray of transformation and spiritual alchemy. Violet people are clearly connected to their soul mission, their Higher Self and are firmly on their spiritual path. They are peaceful, serene, linked with heaven and earth and can assimilate new knowledge and new ways of thinking.

Chakra: Crown

Subtle Energy Field: Atmic (the emergence of our body into light)

Key Quality: Spiritual authority, I am one with the Divine

Ray: 6th Ray of Devotion

Master: St Germain

Physical: Pineal gland, upper brain and right eye. The symbolic fourth eye that looks outward.

Complimentary colours: Yellow and Gold

Turquoise: The Transformation of Consciousness

Turquoise gifts us clarity and purity. It is young and vibrant and welcomes change, allowing us to fly free, open the Way of the Soul and jump easily into the unknown. Turquoise is protective and clears the energy field for healers and therapists and clears emotional congestion around the heart.

Chakra: Thymus (minor chakra above the heart)

Subtle Energy Field: Calls in the energy of Sri, the body of Light.

Key Quality: Transmutation, Aquarian Age

Ray: The of Transformation of Consciousness

Master: Maha Chohan

Physical: Thymus, clears emotions in the heart, uplifts heavy energy, protects the immune system.

Complimentary colours: Magenta and Red

Magenta: The Spirit of the Divine Feminine

Magenta gifts us divine love of the divine mother, surrounding us and protecting us with unconditional love. It is full of compassion, encouraging us to love and support ourselves so that we can love and support others. It helps us to access ancestral energy and feel the love of our own Divinity. As we open to unconditional love of the Divine Mother, we become channels of Divine love, loving others as we love ourselves. We are at one with the Universe.

Chakra: Bindu (positioned at base of back of head)

Subtle Energy Field: Calls in the energy of Sri, the body of Light.

Key Quality: Unconditional divine love, Divine Feminine

Ray: The Ray of Compassion and the Divine Feminine

Master: Mary Magdalene

Complimentary colours: Turquoise and Green

Pink: The Spirit of Unconditional Love

Pink is the colour of unconditional love. It cocoons us in love, giving us the ability to love ourselves and love others with the innocence of a newborn child. It imparts softness and tenderness and teaches us to trust in cosmic love and the possibility of rebirth and renewal. If you only had one colour to heal with, it would be pink as it heals all.

Chakra: Heart (main colour is green which opens the heart to receive pink)

Key Quality: Cosmic unconditional love, love of the innocent child

Ray: An invisible Ray offering the highest level of love

Complimentary colours: Green and turquoise

Colour therapy from
Surround yourself with the colours you are most drawn to

Francesa Hennessy is a natural healer working in Co Wicklow, Ireland. She combines colour healing with crystal healing and Shamanic techniques to allow her clients to release old patterns of emotional and physical dis-ease to embrace their healthy, whole and beautiful selves again.


Tel: 086 832 0064

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