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Sound and Colour Healing

Sound has been proven to be profoundly effective at healing cells, especially cancer cells.

Tama-Do Academy techniques combine the vibrations of sound and colour to powerfully heal both the chakra and meridian systems. ​

Colour Therapy

Have you noticed that you are drawn to wear particular colours or decorate your house using certain hues? This is your soul telling you the colour vibrations that you need: Each colour holds a specific healing energy. Tama-Do therapies use coloured silks, essences and light to heal imbalances in your physical and energetic body. 

Musicial Spine

The spine is the central axis of our physical body. Specialised tuning forks (each attuned to a different note) and coloured light are used along the acupuncture points of the spine.

Combined together the sound and colour waves relieve back pain, tension, stress and physical trauma stored in your cells.

8 Qi Mo

Tama-Do's most powerful sound technique using tuning forks and colour on the acupuncture points that link to the 8 Extra Ordinary Meridians. This powerful technique helps to elevate energy to reveal your soul essence and release dis-ease.

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