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Energy healing and reiki in Dublin

Healing is a holistic therapy that gently enables and supports your own natural self-healing process and connects you back to health and your highest soul potential. I am a naturally gifted healer and will find the blocks that are causing your distress, channelling the purest energy to clear, rebalance and heal the symptoms.

Shamanism healing in Dublin

The core belief of Andean and Celtic Shamanism is to not let your past define your future. Journeying to retrieve lost fragments of your soul or to heal ancestral wounds is combined with sacred stones from my mesa bundle to clear anything that is blocking your health and wellness.

Crystal healing in Dublin

Crystal healing harnesses the unique power of crystals. Specific crystals are chosen according to each client’s needs. They are placed on the body and/or in geometric patterns around the body. Crystal healing is extremely effective for helping break old patterns of behaviour, for deep relaxation, alleviating stress, anxiety and most emotional and physical issues.  

Using sound and colour light on acupuncture points is very powerful

Tama-Do colour and sound acupuncture techniques have a very profound healing effect. Sound healing and colour therapy combine to dissolve the negative energetic patterns that lead to physical illness. These techniques use coloured silk scarves, essences, light and tuning forks on the chakras and meridians.

Animal healer in Ireland

Animals need healing too. Healing has a very powerful effect on their physical and emotional wellbeing. Healing can help alleviate symptoms, pain and suffering. For rescued animals, healing is particularly beneficial for releasing old trauma that, in turn, can have a lasting effect on anxiety, illnesses and behavioural issues. 

Distance healing in Ireland

If I cannot physically get to you, I can still connect and perform a healing through distance healing. All I need is your name and a little background information. The healing flows as if I was actually with you and I am able to conduct a full scan and send energy wherever it is needed. Colour and crystals can be used and you will feel their energy. After the healing, I report back on what I found. This service can be very useful for anyone that lives a great distance away, is in another country or in hospital. 

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