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First healing:

Includes full case history, energy assessment, healing and feedback

1.5 hours

I take a full case history to fully understand you and be able to pinpoint what the issue(s) might be. I complete a full energy healing combining some or all of my healing techniques.


Includes assessment, energy healing and feedback

1-1.25 hours

We will review progress since my last visit and conduct a full energy healing and include crystal, colour and sound techniques where appropriate. 

Distance healing:

Includes full healing, notes and feedback with intuitive guidance

1 hour
Includes full healing, notes and feedback by email or phone with intuitive guidance. 

Connection is made via your name and I use an outline to heal. Healing is very effective at a distance. 

Homes, Hospitals, Hospices and Animal Welfare

I fully support the dedication and amazing work completed by our many wonderful nursing homes, hospices and animal welfare organisations.


If you are a centre, hospice or charity and would be interested in me visiting and healing your clients/patients in situ, please get in touch.

I also offer free and reduced-price healings for anyone who is in need and is on a low income. Please contact me with details.

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