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Animal Healing

Animals need healing too. 

Healing has a very powerful effect on the physical and emotional wellbeing of animals. 

They have a similar energy system to our own and healing alleviates many of their symptoms, pain and suffering. For rescued animals, healing is particularly beneficial for releasing old abuse and fear.  


I'm a graduate of the Healing Animals Organisation and trained for two years with Elizabeth Whiter, author of The Animal Healer and You can Heal Your Pet

Animals are treated in their own home or environment where possible to help them feel as relaxed as possible. 


A full case history is taken and I take a holistic approach to each animal, giving advice on changes to nutrition, their environment and help with their behaviour. A beautiful healing takes place and sometimes some animal communication is possible too. 

In the past, I have had great success helping animals with depression, anxiety, allergies, past trauma and those that have developed new phobias or behavioural issues.

NB In accordance with rules laid down by the Veterinary Councils in Ireland and the UK, all animals treated must be under current veterinary supervision or have your vet’s permission to be treated.

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