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Relationships illuminated: The March 20 Full Moon and Spring Equinox

Today is an exciting time of great energy shifts as the full 'Worm' Supermoon in Libra meets the spring Equinox in Aries. This is a time of what has been hidden coming into full illumination and a time of finding our own inner balance so we can aligned with our highest divine potential.

Sounds like a major energy shift? It really is. So embrace the issues that are coming up in your life under today's supermoon. Whether it is your relationships, your inner or life balance or old patterns needing to be shed, embrace the chaos because this is a time of really revealing to yourself and the rest of your world your new higher vibration, divinely-guided super-self.

1. Relationships: Flourishing or running away

The energy of the Libra superman is that your relationships and connections with other people come under a heady spotlight. The Libra moon lights up our closest connections and asks us to really scrutinise how things are. The result of this is that strong, healthy relationships will feel more aligned and more authentic in your communications but this relationships that are stuck, struggling or played out may come to sudden or shock ending. Old ways of being in a relationship may not work any more as the rule book is torn up. But take heart as everything is supporting you at the moment for your highest good so if a relationship does become turbulent in this time, you know it is for your very best interests.

2. Old patterns: Re-emerging for growth

Don't be surprised if, like me, you're suddenly hijacked by old ways of feeling, the really dark shadow aspects of yourself that you thought you had healed and resolved suddenly come back with a vengeance. This week, old issues about being able to say what I really feel, do the right thing and not feeling 'good enough' have all re-emerged. But, the good news is, these repeats are hopefully for the very last time. Because this is a time for major life issues to come up, be illuminated in order for them to be examined, transformed and released. This aspect also includes your relationships. Are you responding to your current partnerships with learned responses from the past? Are these responses really still relevant? Letting go of old patterns of self protection that were necessary in the past allows your heart to really open up the fuller potential of relationships in the present. So allow and embrace this final spring clean of your energy as it is supporting your rapid personal growth that can happen at this time.

3. Busyness: A need for balance

Libra is all about balance and so is the spring equinox, as we reach a balance between light and dark. Both of these energy therefore herald a time for you to find balance in your life. Whether this is an inner balance in your emotions or a more physical balance between, say, your home life and work life – there is a need for reordering.

Most people's lives have become increasingly busy as we enter this space and that is because the universe is asking you to find balance by prioritising what is really important to you. What is truly in alignment with your highest self and who or what can you let go because it no longer resonates with you? Time to sweep away anything that is not in line with your life goals moving forward.

All of the above means that, although this is an exciting time of new beginnings as the sun moves into Aries. However, it can also feel unknown and uncertain as we begin to charter new ways of being. Letting go of old patterns and old relationships can feel unsafe as we need to rediscover who we are without them. But that is the exciting bit.

As we sit with our new, transformed, self, we can reconnect to who we are RIGHT NOW; not who we were ten years ago, one year ago, or even in a month's time. The potential for a personal and collective big leap forward is infinite at this time. So embrace the challenges. Look at them as obstacles to be cleared away from your path in to leap forward into a brighter, lighter and more aligned future. Also, look out for lots more synchrnxnicites as the universe attempts to illuminate your path forward. You don't need to know where you are going at this time. You just need to trust, make a leap of faith and know you will be supported in your change and in your growth.

Francesca Hennessy is a natural healer, combining crystals, colour, sound and shamanic techniques to help her clients let go of distress and dis-ease in their lives.

Based in Greystones, in County Wicklow, she specialises in helping people and animals to let go of negativity and reconnect with their healthy, essential selves.

Email: Tel: +353 (0)86 832 006

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