Heal your life

When your energy is out of balance, your physical body will feel unwell. I work with you to rebalance your energy byuncovering, acknowledging and healing the underlying causes and blocks that are impacting on your health and wellness. I use a combination of transformational healing techniques to help many issues, including:

  • Abuse

  • Addictions

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Chronic fatigue and low energy

  • Auto immune conditions

  • Physical and emotional trauma

  • Stress and stress-related illnesses

  • Repeating patterns of behaviour

  • Pain and pain management

  • Finding your true self and awakening happiness

I specialise in working with adults and children with anxiety and emotional issues that counselling and conventional medicine have not been able to solve.



Francesca Hennessy

I am a natural healer and have been helping people to heal emotionally and physically for over 25 years. I work at a very deep level to facilitate your personal healing. I am trained in Reiki, crystal healing, Tama-Do colour and sound healing techniques and Andean Shamanism and use a combination of skills to help you to release and feel well again. 


As we journey through life, we naturally experience positive and negative emotions. If any of our emotions – fear, abandonment, jealousy, shame, rage or guilt – are not released, the body or mind holds on to them, causing a block. I find areas of imbalance and use a combination of powerful techniques to help you to regain your health and discover your true soul potential. Techniques include crystal therapy, colour & sound healing and shamanic healing. 

hennessy healing helps pain and physical illness

Healing is a holistic therapy that gently supports animals in their own natural self-healing process. If an animal experiences change, abuse or trauma, this can lead to issues with aggressive, anxious or destructive behaviour. Healing allows the animal to release emotions leading to an ease in symptoms. It's also perfect for managing pain and alleviating symptoms of disease. Advice on nutrition and behaviour are included. 

dogs in robes

I can help alleviate stress, anxiety and depression in adults, teens and children.  Healing allows a safe place for your body, mind and emotions to unwind, relieving mental and physical pressure and allowing the space to be still and reset your mind. It complements conventional medicine and counselling and is a great resource to help you feel better, more happy and energised and able to reveal your real self again.



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